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    Artwork © Deborah-Anne Woods.

    My Art CAN Be Used For

    Sharing my art with your visitors on your web page.

    I welcome fans of my art to post it on your non-profit web sites if you comply with my usage rules which are listed here:


    Supply a written credit to me on each page that an image is used. i.e. Artwork © Deborah-Anne Woods.


    Provide a clickable link below that which links to me at: Please note, a link on your separate links page only is not sufficient. A text link back to this site is fine, but please feel free to help yourself to my banners.


    The images must not be distorted or severely cropped. Please respect my art and try to show it as I originally intended it to look.

    For use as desktop wallpaper, or printing out my web images.

    While I cannot stop you from printing out the images I post on-line, please note that they have been saved at extremely low resolutions, and consequently will not print well. I encourage you to buy your favorite print instead, my prints look 100% superior in person than what is posted on the web
    If you like one of my pieces enough to save it to your desktop - I can live with that, as long as you refer interested people to my web site if they ask who the artist is. Or why not download one of the many desktops made by some talented fans

    Web graphics, Web sets, Signature Tags & Stationery.

    I allow the use of my art as web graphics that are non-profit and just for fun. But... there are several guidelines you must comply with to continue to use my artwork for these purposes.
    I always require a link back and a name credit similar to the following...

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