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    Post  Sonja on October 11th 2008, 11:48

    ©shawerx ,

    signature groups
    permission is granted for the use of specified artwork in the creation of signature tags provided that the following requirements are adhered to:

    • include appropriate copyright information on each piece of art
    • include a link to on the art or in the artist info area
    • use only the artwork specified for signature tags (see below)

    (the appropriate copyright information is to be displayed as follows: '©shawerx'. the second bullet point can be ignored only if your group is 'g' rated and are not permitted to link to websites with adult content.)

    various stylistic enhancements that are common with the creation of signature tags such as tubing and animation are acceptable. contact christopher shaw at the email listed below with your information so that a record of usage can be kept. samples of the altered artwork are not required although will be accepted if you wish to do so.

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