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    Rainbow Coffi

    Post  Sonja on October 12th 2008, 02:36

    © Rainbow Coffi,

    PSP-Playground is both pleased and honored to offer you some gorgeous, hand-made tubes made by Rainbow Coffi. This is a very talented and generous Lady and her tubes are awesome! The following are her Terms of Use:

    * You are free to use my creations in web pages designs, stationary, signature tags, personal things and even sharing them on other lists or sites.
    * Do not claim these as your own, place them on your site for download without my permission, add them to any collection, offer them for sale (cd/ebay) or make a profit from them whatsoever, online or offline.
    * My tubes are not to be added to any site that requires a paid membership to access.
    * Always keep the original file names intact.
    * You do not need to put © Rainbow Coffi on your work. You may if you wish, however, it is not required.

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