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    Post  Sonja on October 12th 2008, 01:30

    © ScarletGothica,

    I’m a member of a MSN/Paint Shop Pro group. Can I have the permission to use your pictures for my graphic artworks?

    I've just gave the permission to use my work for no profit artworks to other groups like yours. If you put all the credits needed, it's ok. It's enough putting these terms: © ScarletGothica and or You can tube or recolorize, make tags, tutorials, templates, frame, avatars, banners and other similar stuff only if all this is no profit, not for print and with all copyrights terms showed.
    My website it's free link, so if you want to put my link at the artist page, you can do it. I will be very glad to see one or some of your works (with my pictures of course) to see how you work and the final result. Send it with a link or attachment at the e-mail address

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