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    Post  Sonja on October 11th 2008, 11:53

    ©Ina Spicer,

    Like to share my art with your visitors on your web page? *squeeze* Thank you! Here is what I ask you to do:
    1) Include credit to me as the artist on each page that an image is used.
    2) Include a small text beneath image, make the text a clickable link to my site at: or
    3) The images must not be changed. The images MUST NOT BE CHANGED! BY change I also mean: do not recolor, add props to, erase features of images that are not exactly how it will appear when those folks follow your link back to my site to find image.So what can you do? Well I'm going to dilligently work on having a good selection of web ready graphics for you to use. In the meantime if your into creatiing Dollz, Glitters, Blinkies, etc and you want to resize or animate- knock yourself out. And then let me know! Cause I'll list your website in the Web Graphics section of this site and link to you! I certainly have no problems with you resizing, decoratively framing or making transparent my image so it looks pretty nifty on your website.

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