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    Post  Sonja on October 11th 2008, 11:52

    ©C.S Green,

    FREE: for Personal Use ONLY in images you create.

    1. Complimentary tubes for download are for YOUR USE ONLY - they are NOT free tubes, they are FREE for your PERSONAL use.
    2. Images are NOT to be shared with friends, family, graphics groups, tubes groups, posted on other sites for download or passed around by any means but you may share the link to the site ONLY - DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS are MINE!.
    3. You may NOT use COMPLIMENTARY images for COMMERCIAL purposes of any kind - COMMERCIAL RIGHTS are not Available!
    4. All images were made by me UNLESS otherwise noted, and unless otherwise noted - COPYRIGHT is MINE!
    5. You may NOT alter the names of the files.
    6. It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to use my name or signature, with or without a copyright sign on your completed images after alterations. I realize some groups tell you it's OK to do this and even require it; but it's NOT OK . . . it's as misleading and insulting as forging my name to anything else. The completed image is not mine, only the tube you used in your work.
    7. Image sets in the Store are for PERSONAL USE or COMMERCIAL use so long as they are part of an image of your creation.

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