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    Post  Sonja on October 11th 2008, 01:36

    © Chester Ocampo,


    1. You may use my artworks for signature tagging provided that
    a) the signature tags produced will not be used for financial gain--it must be strictly non-profit and only used for practicing your hobby/craft.
    b) include the words illustrated by elpinoy(dot)deviantart(dot)com in readable text; clear enough to be seen, but not intrusive to the main image itself (replace 'dot' with real . ).

    2. The artwork's original lines and colors must not be tampered with. You can do anything you want with the background, but leave the character/main subject untouched.

    3. You may not use my artworks for signature tags that contain offensive content such as racism, defamation of other people's character, or any other propaganda.

    4. You may not use my fan artworks and/or commissioned work. Fan artworks are my renditions of other people's characters/stories/properties. Commissioned artworks are properties of other people who have asked for my services in creating artwork for them. Since neither of those are my copyright, I cannot allow those artworks to be used for signature tags.

    5. Signature tags using my artworks may not be submitted as artworks in deviantart and websites of a similar nature. You may only use it in your forums and amongst yourselves.

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