Agrement - Please read and sign


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    To abide by the terms of the Copyright and Disclaimer notices pertaining to this web site and the contents therein.

    To abide by copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws in general and specifically to not reproduce any portions of any graphics, scripts or information, whose source has been obtained via this site, without first obtaining specific agreement from the originator concerned.

    To not promote the use of Warez (pirate) software, filters, graphics etc... either on your site or through one of our forums.

    That all submissions, whether for a forum, a newsletter or for publication, are original works by the USER or that the USER is entitled to the use of these works.

    To not use any offensive language or to promote any pornography. The +PSP intends to keep this site as "family friendly".

    To abide by a general code of conduct which is in keeping with the Mission Statement of the +PSP. Flaming, spamming or any slanderous remarks will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    corners of the world. What may be the norm for one USER could be insulting or offensive to another.

    That the +PSP cannot be held responsible for the views expressed anywhere within this site.

    That the +PSP reserves the right to remove any material, including postings to a forum, should the material be found offensive or derogatory.

    That some sections of the +PSP site may be restricted to members only.

    That this User Agreement may be changed at any time.

    That any violation of this User Agreement may result in the USER being denied access to this site altogether.

    That your use of this site is a tacit agreement of this User Agreement, whether you have read this Agreement or not

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    Rhonda Ross

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    Read and signed thank you

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    geek Read and understood

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