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    Post  Sonja on October 10th 2008, 23:33

    ©Anna Rigby,

    Can I use your art for my non-profit group (PSP, MSN, Yahoo)?
    I'm frequently asked if I allow the use of my art for creations of tags, banner, avatars, signatures and email backgrounds. You are welcome to use my art (only from the miscellaneous section of the illustration page) in this manner as long as it is for your own personal non-profit use and as long as you clearly state where you got it from or who the artist is. When my art is used in such a manner I prefer my website address somewhere in the vicinity of the piece, however I'm aware that some MSN groups cannot link or display addresses of mature sites. In this case my name [Anna Rigby] will suffice. I only ask that credit is given when using my art. You may crop, cut, scale and add sparkles/slight animation to the art, but please keep the aspect ratio. Skewing is not allowed.

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